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Vain tuotteen ostaneet asiakkaat voivat antaa tähtiarvostelun. Arvostelun voi antaa aikaisintaan 14 vrk tuotteen toimituksen jälkeen.
Wilfred V. kirjoitti 26.8.2020:
The Polar Advantage V is a versatile sports watch with many excellent features. It takes some time to become familiar with all of them, but the app that stores and analyzes the data is easy to use. It is easy to view the various stats displayed on the watch while exercising. Satellite connection is fast; the battery life is great. Even though this watch is fairly large, it is comfortable on a small wrist.
Mikhail Z. kirjoitti 20.8.2020:
Прошло 2 недели со дня отправки заказа, трек не обновляется, товара нет : ( что тут оценивать?!
Miia H. kirjoitti 1.8.2020:
Kello on toiminut erinomaisesti. Kaikkia ominaisuuksia ei vielä ole ehtinyt käyttää mutta paljon kyllä. Erinomainen akku.
Zoe C. kirjoitti 26.5.2020:
Great watch! Give me lots of data from all my workout and sleep. I still haven't figured everything out about the watch. I had a question about shipping and Joonas was able to get back to me within a day!
Rod W. kirjoitti 6.3.2020:
Polar Vantage V GPS reports distance in daily 11 - 20 mile hikes/walks 1 - 2 miles less than Samsung S8 GPS. It may be more accurate or much less accurate, which is disappointing. Accessing reports after training is uneven - sometimes works immediately and other times not. The reports themselves are excellent. I bought Polar Vantage V to evaluate paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF), diagnosed in December due to overtraining at age 75 - left atrium mildly dilated, symptom of "athletic heart." Would be helpful if Polar Vantage V could show when PAF occurs, i.e., multiple electrical signals overriding the sinus node causing chaotic, irregular heart beats, and when sinus returns with even, regular beats. Generally this can be assumed, when BPM rises above 70 BPM at rest, and above 120 BPM when "training," so the device is very helpful to me. Finally, telephone tech support by Drew at Polar's office in New York was very helpful getting me "up to speed" using the device. Keep up the good work. Rod
Дмитрий К. kirjoitti 6.3.2020:
Приятные часы как визуально, так и тактильно. Часы еще в процессе "адаптации" под меня, проведены тесты и сделано несколько тренировок, особых нареканий на работу в режиме тренировок нет (бассейн еще лучше протестировать надо)). А вот уведомления с телефона по моим ощущения приходят "раз на раз не приходится" с опозданиями, но для меня это не критично, отключил их вообще. Также будильник с телефона не передается на часы, на часах срабатывает только штатный будильник. Сервис PolarFlow хорош !) Магазину спасибо за оперативную работу и отправку заказа on Aalto Group Oy:n / Varuste.netin hallinnoima verkkokauppa Madventures-tuotteille.
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