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Ozone The Plank V1



Toimitusaika arviolta 7 - 60 vrk.

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Arviolta 7 - 60 vrk tilauksesta. Arvion luotettavuus on erittäin hyvä.

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Tuotteen kuvaus
The Plank with Ozone’s innovative graphic is a school specific board designed to get students up and riding with ease during their first water lessons.

It's not expected to sell this board in shops to end customers and there will be no official public release. This is also why we called it The Plank. We feel that the kitesurf student should "Grab the Plank" for their first few sessions on the water, then go on to buy a Ozone Base V1 or aspire to buy a Ozone Code V2.

It has been designed as a tool for the schools to help finish courses, get people riding and into the sport. All schools should have The Plank available for their students.

The biggest struggle students have after learning to body drag is to water start and edge correctly. The Plank's large surface area and square outline combined with a moderate to low rocker assures early planing and predictable board handling. With a single concave bottom shape, the Plank is smooth to ride and versatile for many conditions.

148 x 47 cm

Off centred foot strap inserts increase comfort while edging and the inside heel edge fins provide extra tracking grip to reduce the board from slipping out when a student is learning basic edge control.

We have designed a helpful wind window diagram on the top side for instructors and students to reference during a lesson and serves as a reminder for students throughout their course.

The Plank comes with our V2 footpads and straps that are quick and easy to adjust, saving time when switching between students. The board handle is sturdy with a textured grip for added ease of use.

The Plank will have students smiling and hooked on the sport from their very first try. It is the perfect tool for developing the necessary skills to progress to the next level.

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 1500 x 450 x 100 mm.

14.6 kg (Sisältää mahdollisen myyntipakkauksen painon)

12 kk


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