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Ozone AMP V1 Complete 7m²



Ozone AMP V1 Kite Only 7m²

Forest Green
Forest Green

Ozone Bar Wakestyle V4 38cm with 4 x 23m Lines

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Ozone Kite Pump V2

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Ozone 5th line for Wakestyle V4 bar 23m 300kg

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Ozone Short Safety Leash V2

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Ozone Long Safety Leash V2

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Tuotteen kuvaus
Ozone AMP V1 Kite Only 7m²:
Ozone AMP V1 – Progression to the people

The AMP V1 represents a new paradigm in C-kite design. It is a progressive yet user-friendly Freestyle and Park-style kite, offering amateur to pro the response, feedback and control needed to take their riding to the next level.

The design team focused on creating a kite that was both predictable and adaptable for hooked and un-hooked riding. The AMP has been developed to grow with you; no longer are the progressive kites for just the pros.

The AMP kite only comes with both 4 Line and 5 Line bridle options included but not the 23m 5th line. Ozone has tested both the 38cm and 45cm bars with all sizes, both bars work well so it's your personal preference which one to choose.

Freestyle progression
Whether you’re learning your first un-hooked raley, boosting kite loops, or styling out advanced park and freestyle manoeuvers, the AMP will keep you in control with the highest level of feedback, predictable turning speed and a similar feeling precisely tuned across all sizes.
It is ultra smooth to fly and provides inspirational confidence to go for it.

Performance settings
The AMP features three unique and easily interchangeable performance settings to compliment your skill set and riding needs:

  • The upper knot; for riders who enjoyed the feeling of the C4 V6. For boosting and kite loops
  • The lower knot; A new feeling, the kite sits a little further back in the wind window. For unhooked
  • Requires line conversion; a more precise and direct feel on the bar, enhanced power during load up for pop, and increased slack when in the air. More time for grabs and handle passes
Backline adjustments allow you to further tune the AMP to your personal preference.
  • The attachment closest to the trailing edge provides lighter bar pressure and a faster turn speed.
  • The attachment closest to the leading edge provides heavier bar pressure and a slower turn speed.

The AMP comes standard in 4-Line Bridle mode. A simple conversion is required to the kite and control system for 5-Line mode. Included with each AMP kite is a 5-Line Conversion Kit (specific to the kite size) containing:
  • 1x Y-bridle
  • 2x Front Line Pigtail
Line no.5 (5th line) is required for the control system to use the AMP in 5-Line mode. Ozone 5th line for Wakestyle V4 bar 23m 300kg can be ordered separately.

Technical Backback
High quality protection for your kite with space for extra gear. External compression straps to attach either a twin tip board or other accessories. Durable and waterproof.
  • Side Pocket for bar/lines
  • Side pump holder
  • Internal accessories pocket
  • Loop for hanging / quick carrying
  • Padded backpack straps for comfort
The AMP can be set up with both Wakestyle and Contact Water V4 Control Systems. A clean and simple design with an easy-to-use trim system. Featuring Ozone's latest innovation, the Click-in Loop

Go big and go hard!
Ozone Bar Wakestyle V4 38cm with 4 x 23m Lines:
A clean and simple design for wakestyle/freestyle riders, with an easy-to-use trim system and featuring our latest innovation - the click-in loop.

  • 38cm and 45cm bar options
  • Compact de-power throw
  • Large size molded Harness Loop for easy hooking in and out
  • 23m lines, the ideal balance between kite reactivity and power development
  • Optional 5-Line Conversion Kit

Innovative Click-In Loop
An all-new push-away quick release with an innovative one-step Click-In reload function that is incredibly intuitive. The release handle fits comfortably in the hand, it is quick and easy to activate the release by pushing the handle away. A self-positioning release mechanism locates automatically, ready to be re-loaded by simply ‘clicking’ in the loop. The Click-In Loop is AFNOR NF S52-503 certified.
'The Click-In Loop is a step in the right direction to making your kiting experience easier, wherever your adventures may take you...'

Design Inspiration
What’s the first thing you do when you get in a car? You click in your seatbelt, hearing that ‘click’ sound makes you feel secure that you are safely buckled up, and you know instinctively how to release it.

The design of our new release system, the Click-In Loop, is inspired by the same principle.
In the same way fastening your seatbelt has become a natural action when getting into a car, riders should activate and reload their release systems before and after every use.

Although this important safety check is often overlooked, checking your release before each session will ensure it is functioning properly. We developed the Click-In function to be simple and intuitive, so activating and reloading will become second nature.
Ozone Kite Pump V2:

Leijapumppu painemittarilla (PSI). Pumppu toimii molempiin suuntiin. Entistäkin kevyempi pumpata. Vain täyttö, ei tyhjennystoimintoa.

Ozone 5th line for Wakestyle V4 bar 23m 300kg:
Vitosnarukitti WakestyleV4 puomiin 23m naruilla. Toimii myös vuosimallien 2014 ja 2015 ja C4 V6 puomien kanssa.

Katso asennusohjeet (pdf)
Ozone Short Safety Leash V2:
Lyhyt turvaleash pikalaukaisulla, joka toimii kaikkien leijojen kanssa. Ei roiku häiritsevästi, joten passaa hyvin rentoon freerideen niin kesällä kuin talvella. Ottaa laukaistaessa heti tehon pois leijasta.
Ozone Long Safety Leash V2:
Ozone "handle pass" safetyleash unhookki- ja normihommiin talvi- sekä kesäleijoille.
  • Neopreenipäällyste
  • Klipsu ruostumatonta terästä
  • Push-Away laukaisu
  • Helppo virittää takaisin
  • Neopreenipäällyste mös klipsun päällä
  • Sopii hyvin unhookkihommiin

Ostamalla tämän tuotepaketin säästät 105.90 € verrattuna siihen, jos ostaisit tuotteet yksitellen.

Kite Only / Complete

Leijan koko (m²)

12 kk

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